IT Outsourcing


IT Outsourcing

As your business expands, it is imperative to focus on your core capabilities. You require the best IT resources to support your key business operations as you grow. A secure and efficient IT infrastructure has emerged as an important element for business growth and success. Businesses now also need to be technologically ready to provide the right tools and support for your business to move forward.

Balancing these business and technology requirements in-house would unnecessarily burden your business resources. With that notion, IT outsourcing is the key to taking care of your IT infrastructure and application needs while allowing you to concentrate on your business competencies. Entrust Network Services is a trailblazer in IT Outsourcing and can help you achieve technology competence of the highest level.

– System Integration
– Security Solutions
– Networking

Line of Business Areas
These lines of businesses are keys to Nexgen Technologies strength and forte in securing turnkey projects and delivery of technologically innovative end-to-end solutions.

We offer a wide range of Software Services, customized solutions that best meet your requirements.
SEO has got focus in internet marketing as it is the most cost effective and efficient method of making the online business visible to huge masses of potential visitors searching through search engines.

It takes your website from nowhere to top pages so that it can beat the competitors and earn the real advantage of being online and reach millions of visitors online.
1. Software consulting
2. Web Services
A. Web Design
B. Web Development
C. Web Redesign and enhancement
D. Ecommerce
E. Custom Web Applications
F. Open source Solutions
G. Hosting Solutions
i. Domain Registration
ii. Web Hosting
H. Corporate identity
3. SEO Services
A. Keyword Research & Analysis
B. Competitive Analysis
C. On page optimization
D. Making Websites SEO Friendly
E. Link Building
F. Social Media Marketing
G. Blog, Classified ad, Forum postings
H. Article / Press Release promotion
I. Multi lingual Website Optimization
4. Mobile Based Solutions and .MOBI Sites
5. SMS, Short Code Integration
6. Enterprise Solutions
A. RFID Application Development
B. Smart card Application Development
7. Technology Consulting Services

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