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Custom Software Development

Great Software Development is the product of great thinking, great strategy and great planning. For instance, without these precursors the flawless execution of a concept is a pipe dream, and the same goes for measurement, ROI and everything else that makes up a successful project.

Core Business Applications
SWe have worked with companies to revolutionise some of the biggest brands. Our team has developed flexible and scalable enterprise-scale core business applications that are fully capable of integrating with existing software and processes.

Agile Software Developement Specialist
We actively work with a number of Agile Methodologies, which include SAFe Agile, Dynamic Systems Development Methodology & Crystal. The flavour we use for each customer differs between the needs of the project, needs of the client, physical working environment, complexity of requirements and a bunch more. We work collaboratively with our client to come up with a working style that meets the project and client needs.

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Donald Simpson
Chairman, Bluewater Corp